Relationship Between Smoking Various Type with Hypertension in Hospital Dr. Hj. Abdul Moeloek Lampung Province in 2011

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Relationship Between Smoking Various Type with Hypertension in Hospital Dr. Hj. Abdul Moeloek Lampung Province in 2011


Smoking, hypertension


Smoking is one of the habits of living that can influence blood pressure. WHO reported in 2008, the number of smokers in the world reached 1.35 billion people. Indonesia was in the third grade of smokers, after China and India with 65 (28%) milion smoker or 225 milyard cigarettes in a year.
From the above figures, if aggregated around Indonesia 27.6% smokers, that is, each 4 person Indonesia, there is a smoker. Growth rates in Indonesia cigarettes from 2000 to 2008 was 0.9% per year so that no less than Rp 100 trillion rupiah funds community issued only to purchase approximately 225 billion cigarettes. The impact of smoking for health is a disease related to cardiovascular system that many people suffered from hypertension. In the RSUDAM province of Lampung, a patient with hypertension visits per year reaching 1000 patients. This research aims to know the relationship between smoking a wide variety of types with hypertension. The design used in this study is cross sectional.
The population in this study were smoker patients who came for treat their disease to Medical Clinic in of Dr. h. Abdul Moeloek HOSPITAL. Samples taken by quota sampling methode, with criteria 1) has no genetic hypertension, 2) no obesity, 3) not consumption salt more than 1.5 TSP/day. Number of the sample was counted by a formula to test hypothesis of difference two proportions (Lemeshow, 1997) and obtained the 188.
Of research results obtained by the proportion of respondents who smoke kretek type as much as 34%, smoking a cigarette filter types as much as 15.4% and smoking cigarettes mild types obtained as much as 24.5% as well as various types of smoking smoking is obtained as much as 26.1% of the 188 respondents. The proportion of respondents who are suffering from hypertension as much as 24.5% whereas respondents who do not suffer from hypertension as a landslide 75.5% of the 188 respondents. According to results of a statistical analysis of the relationship between smoking and various kinds of hypertension found no relationship with Indigo p value 0.409. It is recommended to people who still will smoke in order to pay attention to other risk factors to avoid hypertension, given there are several risk factors that contribute to the incidence of the disease of hypertension.


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