Instant Swaddle use to improve the body's temperature of new born Baby

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Instant Swaddle use to improve the body's temperature of new born Baby


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Background: This research aims to find out the comparison of the instant and conventional swaddle to the
body temperature of a newborn baby in South Lampung Regency.
Methods: Samples in this study amounted to 50 newborn babies who were grouped into 2: intervention
groups totaling 25 newborn babies and a control group of 25 newborn babies. This study used a
quantitative design, type of true-experiment with pre and post-test design and double-blinded method to
compare the intervention group and the control group.
Results: Statistical test results obtained p-value = 0.37, meaning that there is a significant difference
between the baby's body temperature using instant and conventional swaddle. Baby's body temperature
using instant swaddle is more comfortable than babies who use conventional swaddle. A baby who use
swaddle instantly sleep more soundly and longer than babies who use conventional swaddle. Midwives are
faster and more efficient in using instant swaddle compared to wearing conventionalswaddle.
Conclusions: Socialization and application of the use of instant swaddle, especially in newborn babies are
compulsory. Instant swaddle is also very useful when used in healthcare units that do not have an
incubator, because it increases body temperature of newborn babies, in addition to thelow price, easy to
make and very safe and comfortable for babies.
Keywords: Instant swaddle, Conventionalswaddle, Body temperature, Newborn baby.


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